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Who we are

Foto: Maarten Huisman / Studio Nelson.

Our Story

Driven by a passion for renewable energy, xs2solar was founded in 2012 by Egbert van den Berg

Initially xs2solar focussed on solar PV projects in The Netherlands, and from 2015 xs2solar is also active in Cape Verde.

In the Netherlands xs2solar designs, supplies and installs solar panel projects for households and industries.
Between 2016 and 2020 xs2solar cooperated with ProfiNRG on industrial size project, varying between 100 kW and 6 MW.

In Cape Verde xs2solar has installed several solar PV projects, an 80 kW wind turbine, battery systems, and a desalination unit.

Egbert van den Berg


Installation team

NL team

Cape Verde
Installation team

Cape Verde team