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What we do

Solar Energy Projects

Design solar systems, based on electricity needs, available space for solar panels, and available space on the grid to connect the system.
Order materials, and ship to site.
Installation of solar panels, inverters, cabling, and connection to the grid.
Monitoring of production & Maintenance.

Wind Energy Projects

Analysis of wind availability, and site selection.
Select wind turbine, order and transport to site.
Soil investigations, and calculation and construction of foundation.
Erection of wind turbine.
Electrical connection to the grid.
Monitoring of production & Maintenance

Battery Systems

Design battery system on the basis of loads, renewable energy and other energy sources
On grid ESS, Back-up, Off grid, Peak shaving
Supply – Installation – Monitoring – Maintenance


Design of Reverse Osmosis system
Testing of available water, distance horizontal and vertical from source – well or water intake at sea
Supply – Installation – Monitoring – Maintenance

“We love to integrate renewable energy systems into your business”